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~ Upcoming Events ~

Free Dinner at Radicle Routes!!

July 17, 2023 at 6 pm

Enjoy a free plant-based dinner and eye-opening virtual discussion led by Pam Popper about diet, lifestyle, and healthcare.

You'll be given evidence-based information so you can make informed medical decisions.

Its free, you can bring friends, but please make a reservation so we know how food to prepare.

Oregon, OH address for the dinner will be provided at the time of reservation.

Calendar Link HERE ~

~ About Radicle-Routes~

Why Radicle Routes?

A radicle is the embryonic root of a plant, the first growth to emerge from a seed to seek out its necessary nutrients, brimming with uncorrupted potential. One of the definitions of radicle’s homonym, radical, is: arising from or going to a root or source; basic, essential. It is no surprise then that the etymology of both words is from late 14th century Latin radicalis: originating in the root or ground, vital to life, of or having roots (from Proto-Indo-European (PIE) root  wrād-"branch, root"). Paradoxically, other definitions of radical are: departing markedly from the usual or customary; extreme, unconventional or drastic; aimed at removing diseased tissue.

From the Latin rupta: (a road) opened by force, broken or cut through a forest; past participle of rumpere: to break; comes the word route. Route’s homonym root is familiar as the underground, downward-growing part of a plant, or as cause or origin. Root originates from Proto-Germanic wrot (source also of Old English wyrt) "root, herb, plant,"; also from the same PIE root  wrād- as radicle/radical.

In addition to nerding out to etymological roots, I love to hike and backpack. My favorite routes are generally the most challenging. Scrambling over boulder-fields, shimmying around a cliff-edge, tripping over roots and branches, drenched in rain (at least every time I explore PA), swim-hiking through slot canyons, hauling 12 liters of water across a treeless dessert. I am always so grateful for these journeys. This is where the good stuff happens: the self-discovery, fog to clarity, connection, simplicity. The trail treats are always worth the struggle too: saw-tooth skyline views, fresh fragrances of a northern rain-forest, a dance in piles of shoreline sheet-ice that crashes like broken glass, glimpses of a wolf or marmot, golden-glowing cliffs, a shower in a waterfall on a sweltering afternoon, a hot-spring-fed bath on a frosty morning, lunch with a 3000 year old bristlecone pine.

I am now on a life-long through-hike for truths, stumbling over obstacles through the information wilderness, testing different routes, often backtracking to try a different route, searching for truth treats worth the struggle. The realm of human nutrition and health was where I first discovered how frequently these truths are obscured, how often the marked and well-worn path doesn’t lead to the true sources of health. I quickly realized I had to take a radical stride off these marked trails and bushwhack to verity. It took years to excise the damaged tissue in my mind that was cemented in conventional nutritional narratives and blaze a new trail. Delightfully, I’m basking in health in a wildflower meadow, eager to share the sunshine and liberty with others. Then off to blaze more new routes.

I honor the mind-weeds that are senescing, leaving fertile ground for a new brain-seed to nestle, send out a radicle and break through obstacles to seek nutrients needed to truly flourish and bloom.

Radicles take radical routes to find root cause.